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Edward M. Galiber, M. Ed. is a member of the Right Beginnings Advisory Board. Mr. Galiber is the Senior Contract Monitor and Data Analysis Specialist for the DC Superior Court - Division of Social Services. Since 1982, Mr. Galiber has held a number of management positions in both the private and public sectors in the fields of education and social services. Through his career, Mr. Galiber has held the confidence of teachers, administrators, staff, attorneys, parents, and youth from across the learning spectrum across the city and country with a focus on (1) Empowering staff to maximize the effectiveness of youth becoming successful adults; (2) Solving problems and developing innovative solutions; and (3) development of youth craft skill sets and youth business entrepreneurship.

Mr. Galiber is a high school graduate of Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, D.C. with a Masters in Education and Bachelor of Science degrees from Harvard University.

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