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The Goal of the Stop The Pain Now Public Awareness Project is to create a national platform to raise public awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment through this website and related social media pages. These stories will demonstrate the tragic effects of sexual harassment, assault and domestic violence on women, children and their loved ones. The stories will include inspirational accounts of women, who have transformed their lives and are now survivors.

Right Beginnings, Inc. will manage this website and related social media pages, and this site will serve as the 'landing page' for visitors and supporters of the Project. We will use social media to attract visitors to our site, inviting visitors to take a minute to educate themselves about the epidemic of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, by visiting our social media pages referenced at the bottom of each page.




Through social media we hope to raise public awareness of the epidemic type levels of domestic violence and related abuse today in the United States, where every year:

  • Over 1,700,000 incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace occur.

  • Over 5,000,000 women are victims of domestic violence.

  • Over 10,000,000 children, are victims of, or exposed to, domestic violence.

  • Over 18,500,000 mental health visits by women are attributable to sexual assault and harassment, domestic violence.

  • Over 38,000,000 women living in the United States have experienced domestic violence in their lifetime.





Our goal is to directly reach millions of individuals dealing with sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence, and to help increase public awareness of these serious and far-reaching problems, by reaching individuals through social media.

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