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Our goal is to raise the public awareness of the epidemic of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment today in the United States.


Right Beginnings Inc., in conjunction with Your Nuhorizons, Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, will self-publish the book, "Stop The Pain Now" as a key piece of our public awareness project.


Stop The Pain Now will be a collection of short stories, based on true life experiences.  The collection will include tragic incidents of domestic violence and sexual assault, some of which end in death. While, other accounts will tell stories of sexual harassment in the workplace. The goal is to allow the public to see, through real life experiences, how far reaching this problem is today in the United States.


Other illustrations will share success stories of women who have traveled the path from 'victim' to 'survivor', and serve as inspiration and motivation, for those traveling that road today.


The Project is fortunate to have an Advocate and Board Member who will work with women, family members, or friends, who would like their story told in our book.


Our goal is to raise adequate funds and distribute free copies of the book to over 6,500 domestic violence service providers around the country.  The Project will make reading material available to their residents, in order to share inspirational and motivational stories of survivors.  We will also provide free copies to middle and high school libraries, public libraries, and nonprofit and governmental agencies, as funds permit, to help raise public awareness.


Contributors to the book, many who may be involved in other self-help organizations will be recognized, and their contact information will be provided once released (assuming written permission is obtained). If you wish to contribute, you may visit our Donate page and/or Contact Us page for more information.


Girl Reading on Bed

Our goal is to raise adequate contributions through a 'grass roots' social media campaign and allow supporters the opportunity to contribute for a nominal donation. FREE copies of the book will be offered to domestic violence and sexual assault service providers throughout the United States.  Additionally, free copies will be distributed to government agencies, secondary schools, colleges, public libraries, and other related non-profit organizations, based on available funds.

The book will raise public awareness, and through free distribution to domestic violence service providers, offer a source of inspiration for women transforming from victim to survivor.

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